About Stone Pony

About Stone Pony


Several years ago my New Year’s Resolution was to learn to bake bread from scratch, and after several failed attempts to work with yeast and flour, I discovered clay. Drawing from my high school and college art classes, the focus of my resolution changed from baking to making — Stone Pony Pottery was born.

Living in a very rural setting and being an outdoor enthusiast inspire me to incorporate bits of nature into my designs. You’ll find that many of my pieces are organic, irregular in shape and size, and intentionally created to be one-of-a-kind. I often include dragonflies, salamanders, leaves, stones, acorns, stars, moons, and Mother Nature’s various textures in my work.

I love to make functional art that is both beautiful and durable enough for everyday use and I am drawn to clay as a medium because it connects me to the earth. I hope that you’ll use my pottery and enjoy it!

Stone Pony Pottery is microwave, dishwasher, oven and food safe. Enjoy!

Sue Zimmer, Owner & Potter